Sunday, August 09, 2009

When helping a neighbor goes awry...

...this is what can happen. And yes, that is the prop and lower portion of our less than 3-month old Sea Ray boat.
Let's just say that windy days + rocks +new boats don't = happy, memorable moments on the lake...
And let's just say my DH is one merciful hubby.
I tried to tell my hubby I am not:
"Grace Under Pressure."
...Nor am I "Cool, Calm and Collected Cathy."
...I'm more like "Spastic Suz."
You'd think after 14 years of marriage he'd know that by now, but apparently he's really good at blocking out all of my previous spastic episodes. (Or maybe...just better than me at forgiving and forgetting).
Yesterday was definitely a day where I knew my DH was fulfilling his marital vows in "for better or for worse."

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  1. oh Suz! That does look like JAWS bit into it! YIKES!


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