Wednesday, August 05, 2009

90 years of coming together...

 celebrate family. This past weekend we made the trip to my parents' hometown for our 90th family reunion. It was a gorgeous day and a very memorable weekend. SO good to see the cousins, the generations, the history, the ancestry. There was even a half page write-up in the local paper. Pretty cool. Over 200 family members were in attendance. Gma K would have been so happy and proud of it all. She especially would've loved the skit complete with our ancestors trek across the pond to their newfound homeland and FREEDOM. I wonder how happy or how sad they would be at all of the progress and all of the steps backwards that have occurred since they first set foot on American soil?
Makes me very reflective. Makes me want to know more about my ancestors. Their struggles and their successes. One thing is for sure...they were successful in leaving a legacy of people who care about their, country, their families, their community, their history.


  1. Love your documentation thru photography. One of my favorite shots is the food table! Is that wrong? :D

  2. Not at all. I loved the food table too-both visually and physically-LOL.
    BTW-shots are SOOC as I didn't have time to play with actions and wanted to get some shots posted for extended family ASAP. :)


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