Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy 100th Birthday Angel Gpa C

I can't believe you've been gone 7 years now. Even though you lived a long and full life of 92.5 years, I still miss:
  • your smile
  • your laughter
  • your humor
  • your voice
  • your snore
  • watching you come back from a walk downtown after having coffee with your classic "Gramps" hat and newspaper
  • the smell of your Old Spice after shave
  • golfing with you and looking alongside the fairway for lost (&found!) balls
  • walking to the library and checking out books with you
  • going to the farm and picking strawberries, rhubarb and asparagus
  • being treated to dinner out at the Chanticleer with their awesome string onions and Shirley Temples
  • watching golf and boxing (while you shuffle your feet along with the boxers trying to avoid the next punch) together while snacking on one of our favorites: Nestle Crunch ice cream bars
  • your ability to energize a room with your charisma
  • your abilityto make sure everyone was having a good time
  • your larger than life presence in a room filled with people
  • your life-long interest in learning something new all the time ( I still remember the first time you sent me an email in your late eighties) including skateboarding
  • the time you took me to Bambi at the movie theater in Washington
  • the time you took me bowling
  • all of the times you treated me to Sunday Brunch at Sun-N-Fun
  • I miss hearing all of the stories of your life as a child and a young adult and how things have progressed and changed (Some for the better and some for the worst) since then
  • sharing happy hour snack time with you--complete with Grandma's "Etta Dip" and Pringles, Fritos and braunschweiger
  • listening to you talk of your younger days of "fast driving" in your fast cars!
  • tinkering in your garage
  • hearing about all of your ole' fishin' stories
I just simply...

miss you...

I am ever so grateful that I had you in my life for so,
so many years.

Happy Birthday Gramps! Hope you're rockin' it in heaven. Tell Grams and all the others hello!
Your Southpaw Suz

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