Friday, December 19, 2008

Takin' on Mary Jane

ok...ok...don't get your undies in a bundle...I'm talking about skiing! Guess what lil (now Big) dude took her on today and conquered her steep slopes and moguls? Yep...the Boo Bear! We were so proud of him (and sooooo happy we no longer have to take the long trek, dragging, skis, poles, snowboards and weary kids behind us to the bus depot at the end of a long, physical day on the slopes!). Way to go Boo!! You rock dude!

BTW, I was going to stop and take a picture of the big event but he was cruisin' along too fast! Definitely a big milestone reached today for our family. Just the beginning of a lot more fun on the mountain together! Woohoo!

L/S/S and Big Gma are on their way. Gratefully, they were able to catch their connecting flight out of Mpls and didn't get stuck in the excessive snow falling in the Midwest. We should be seeing their smiling faces in only an hour or so. Can't wait.

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