Friday, December 12, 2008

Back Atchya Big Bro...

So we're eating breakfast yesterday and the boys got to talking about school and Ian brought up Boo's Ethanism from his study of physics recently. NOTE: I posted about this topic about a month ago when Ethan coined the term "internetica" in referring to his lesson on "inertia." Ian preceded to playfully taunt his little brother about it. Less than five minutes later Ian was reading something with ingredients listed on it and he asked what "toma-toes" were. Not seeing the label I thought he was trying to say tomatilloes but to be sure I asked him to spell it out. So he did. I said, "that's not toma-toes! That Tomatoes!  (Evidently the boy has a hard time reading hyphenated text easily-LOL).

Needless to say, lil bro got his paybacks in laughter and playful teasing. A humbling moment indeed.

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