Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Gettin...I'ts Gettin...

(...come on... sing it wid me now) :

"It's gettin' kinda hectic." 

Ok, ok, going back to old school early 1990's rap now. Just a little blast from my musical past. Anyhoo, things are getting hectic around the house. Still need to get family Christmas card pic done-now thinking I may just wait to take a pic while on our vay-K and mail them out from there-LOL.
Have friends coming into town for the weekend tomorrow. They have four kids and three dogs-so we will definitely have a house full. Big Gma is to arrive Mon and our friends we leave for Philly Mon. (moving there-excited for them but will miss them). That leaves Tues. to wrap things up b4 we head for the slopes. Excited but so much to do before then-so, all for now!

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