Thursday, October 02, 2008


my Mick turns 38. Can't believe that you have been in my life for fourteen years now and I love you more than ever (and I like you a wee little bit too!)
Happy Birthday Mick. YOU DA BEST! -Suz


1. Up early to make breakfast in bed for my beloved bday boy. (coffee with cream and sweetener, raspberry cheesecake yogurt, mini whole wheat bagel with peanut butter).

2. Wrapped bd gift while the beloved bday boy slept.

3. Feed the dogs and let them out.

4. Woke the boys and got them upstairs in time tosing "happy birthday" while bringing candlelit bagel to the beloved bday boy.

5. Beloved bday boy arose to use the restroom. It was then that the covert operation took place.

6. While said beloved bday boy was in the bathroom, the oldest son kept watch while I removed surprise bd gift from an undisclosed location and place just outside our bedroom doors.

7. When the beloved bday boy came out of the bathroom, the youngest son gave him his gift.
While the BBB began opening the present, I began to explain how the gift was practical as I knew we would be needing to update our old tv's with new converters by Feb 09 b/c of the whole HD era taking place. I rambled on about how the dude at Wally-World said this is what we needed to make the conversion. The BBB looked perplexed as he told me that the converter was not the correct one, that it was, indeed, a converter for an HD tv. With the most innocent and confused face that I could muster, I preceded to say in a perplexed voice, "Well, I AM confused b/c the Wal-mart dude assured me it was the correct converter (all the while I am opening the doors widely so that my BBB REAL bday gift was straight ahead of his line of sight-sitting their for the BBB's eyes to rest upon- a brand new 32" Flat Screen TV. (Sorry honey but the monster flat screen will have to wait-LOL) The BBB was stunned. Covert operation complete. :)

8. Made breakfast and packed lunches for the BEBZ.

9. Let the dogsback in.

10. Drove Ian to his gifted class and dropped Ethan off at school.

11. Volunteered at the book fair.

12. Came home and did laundry, dishes, paid bills.

13. Cleaned up scrapbook/classroom area.

14. Watched a bit of Ellen while doing aforementioned chores.

15. Made Mick and myself a turkey pastrami and swiss cheese on pumpernickel sandwich.

16. Caught up on blog posts.

17. Updated iCalendar.

18. Searched for shelving/storage/scrapbooking desks online (my early 40th bday gift from my BBB--SO SWEET!!!)

19. Folded laundry.

20. Cashed check at bank and made deposit at Big Gma's bank.

21. To university to take tennis team pic.

22. Called Mick and Jules on the way home-discussed CS, cropodile usage and Sat night FB plans.

23. More laundry.

24. Baked a lemon pound cake for BBB's pleasure.

25. Getting ready to take BBB to dinner.


(Yesterday Ethan lost a third baby tooth-They're dropping like flies. The tooth fairy is now officially sleep deprived---zzzzzzz.)

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