Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Swingin' Sistas't go there....I'm talking about the Williams sisters swinging their rackets at the US OPEN tonight-should be a great match. I'll be watching thanks to Tivo.

  • began with a bloody nose (Boo-second one in less than twelve hours) and two phone calls before 8:30) 
  • piano lesson for Ian
  • trip to Wally World for groceries and the new Star Wars Clone book for Ian (relentless in his pursuit for more literary works)
  • homemade potato soup-b/c it does a body good on rainy days like today :)
  • cancellation of tennis practice meant the impromptu scheduling of playdates for both of the BEBZ (and a brief bit of scrapping for the momma with scrapping pal Julie)
  • paying of bills
  • emptying of dishwasher and folding of laundry
  • checking of emails and scramble round on facebook-latest craze and mild addiction (like Boggle)
  • received "Happy Mail" via Fed Ex a RAK from my DF Lexi-ALi E's new mini-album book-can't wait to snuggle up under the silk comforter tonight (after the viewing of the US Open of course) and sprawl myself out over the expanse of a queen size bed with only Hugsley to share the space with-Miss you Mick but I do enjoy some nights to myself-LOL) and soak up all of the inspiration-can't wait!!!

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