Sunday, October 26, 2008

Editing old family pics

while I visit with my Poppa bear whose come to visit for a spell. So many old pics that I scanned nearly four years ago while visitng my rents that needed editing and repair. Here's a few for the extended fam out there. :)
The first pic is at Gma & Gpa C's house in Washington, IL:
left to right: Karen, Lori Ann, Susan, Linda and Julie
2nd pic facing forward: Aunt Norma, Danny, Uncle Dick, Connie, Cathy, backs to pic: Diane, Nancy & Karen (at Gma and Gpa K's-Wash., IL)
3rd pic: Lower left, Gpa K (Lester), Karen, Nancy, Diane, Susan, Janice, Linda, Becky, Danny, Uncle Dick, Connie and Cathy (2Gma and Gpa K's)

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