Friday, May 11, 2007

It IS a Big Deal...

when you think about it! Ethan learned how to ties his shoes today and he did it quite well several times! With both of us being lefties, I of course taught him the way I learned-with the "bunny ears" lace-up method.. (Sorry to all of you "The-squirrel-goes-around-the-tree-and-into-the hole" school of thought types!) LOL
Anyways, it is a big deal when you think of all of the really big firsts one has in his/her lifetime-this shoelace tying thing has to rank up there as one of the top for childhood milestones. He is so proud of himself and wants to show everyone he sees.

Now... if ONLY we could bottle up this enthusiasm and be able to sip from it for the rest of our lives-that would be a big deal, wouldn't it?

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