Sunday, May 13, 2007

I woke up to this...

...for my Mother's Day surprise. We we're down at Big Grandma's cabin to celebrate and my BEBZ created this breakfast treat for me. Don't ya just love their creativity with the "toast?" (hamburger buns!) Anyways, we spent the day painting the door and windows and posts and trim of the cabin (and yes, Mick told me I didn't have to paint since it was Mother's Day-but I wanted to do some-can't stand seeing someone work alone at a big job like that-even if it's an IMPORTANT holiday ;)!
We also:

1. Watched What About Bob" for the umpteenth time. We never tire of it though-and we turned the volume down for the boys when Bob imitated having Tourette's Syndrome.

2.Grilled burgers.

3. Ate Cheez-its til the box ran dry.

4. Played on the Game Cube and created some handmade cards for Teacher's gifts.

5. Took a dip in the lake. Beautifully clean and surprisingly tepid.

5.5 Loved on our puppers-Rudy and Lily.

6.Stopped at Sonic on the way home for some slushies. Blue coconut for Ethan, Root Beer for Ian, and Mick and I shared a Diet Chrery Coke Cream Slush with...a hint of lime. ;)

7. Dinner at my favorite local Mexican restaurant for chips and salsa and chicken chimichangas. We practiced up on our Spanish manners and our colors in Spanish. Always gotta keep the learning ongoing. LOL

7.5 Opened my homemade gifts from my BEBZ-bath salts from Ian and boy do they smell great; and a handmade card and handmade picture and poem from Ethan. How to melt a Momma's heart.!!!I just know that these will be some of my favorite gifts from them-ever. I am a sucker for sentimental, homemade and heartfelt gifts!

8. Ogled over my new 85mm lens that came by Fed Ex lesterday afternoon. OM Goodness, it just simply....ROCKS!!!! Can't wait to post more pics that I have taken with it!

9. Loved on our kitty-Hugsley.
All is well in my world. (sigh) Hope your is too!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you awesome Mother's out there. I hope you found time in your day to spend some of it relaxing, some of it loving on your family, and a lot of it smiling.

One Blessed Momma

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