Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ethan Speaks Spanglish...

...or at least his version anyways! Today on the way to school he was speaking to me in regards to plans for Thursday. He kept saying, "Dos morrow" this and "dos morrow" that. It finally occurred to me (since we have been practicing our Spanish each night before bed) that he was trying to think up how to say "tomorrow" in Spanish. I told him that the way to say it was "Hasta manana." Gotta love the ingenuity of a 5 year old!
Other news, Ian (aka Ryan Seacrest) made his acting debut at his school's talent show today. His third grade did a skit parity of American Idol. It was quite a hit with the crowd and got a lot of laughs. Unfortunately his skit was scheduled at the end of the show-so I wasn't able to get to Ethan's last day of school events! The little bugger was bummed (as was I) that I didn't get there to take part in the water play and picnic-but I reminded him that it had originally been scheduled for yesterday (bad weather postponement)when I wouldn't have had any conflicts...then I bribed him with an "ice cream sandwich when we get home" and that seemed to lift his spirits!
{I'm really not a bad momma (i kept telling myself). I can't be two places at once! :) }
So, tomorrow is officially the last (half day) of school. Then on to summer schedules (or lack thereof). Looking forward to longer days and no alarm clocks for awhile. Weekends at the lake and lots of tennis and soccer!

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