Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some random pics...

Kissing a stingray-Mick and Me, Cozumel marketplace, my valentine love, and Ian and me in our first tennis tourney!

Ethan has been asking me the past few days, "How many days 'til Grandpoppa gets here?" Well, thank goodness Grandpoppa Bear arrived yesterday afternoon and they've been having fun ever since! GPA showed the boys all of his latest carving creations-one of which he will be donating to my sister's trade convention (for a raffle , I believe). It is a loon. I'll try and post a pic soon of the whole collection of carvings. The boys are really into the carving thing-and Ian can't hardly wait to sit with GPA on the deck and do a little whittling of his own. (He's enjoyed this special time with GPA ever since he earned his knife badge and knife last year with cub Scouts). Ethan will have to watch for a few more years. WE are still dealing with the healing of his burn. It is healing verll well, BTW.
We will have a few short days with GPA-so we need to cram as much fun as possible in while we can! More later!

Oh, Mon. was my first night of Open Season at my local tennis club. It was awesome! We played five sets- and it was hard to get me off the courts! Does that surprise anyone? (LOL) I get to play tomorrow night! Yeah! Mixed doubles! Oh, and I need to mention that my wonderful hubby asked me a question that I have longed to hear...
"Hey hon, do you think you could get a court for the boys and myself?" Yippeee!!! Be still my beating heart! MY dream come true! I've always wanted for the four or us to play doubles together-so maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful thing. At least, that's my hope.


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