Monday, March 05, 2007

Big Boo-Boo for our Boo-Bear

well...let's just say yesterday definitely didn't go as planned. Instead of attending a birthday party after church-we ended up in the ER and burn center-because Ethan decided not to heed Daddy's warning about the hot stove. He had been sitting on barstool by daddy watching him cook and apparently decided no to sit on his rear but on his knees-lost his balance-toppling the barstool over and landing his right palm onto the recently turned off flat-top stove burner. Warning to those with a weak stomach-the picture shows his second degree burn-the blisters and the lotion to help heal (lotion is the white stuff in the crevices). He is doing ok and his pain seems to be managed with Tylenol and Motrin at the moment. We worry that if/when the blisters pop-the pain will really be bad as we rewrap the bandages to keep the wound clean and sterile. We are hopeful that this is a huge lesson to him (we thought he had learned his lesson when he bumped into my flat curling iron in August. He is always pushing the envelope-but, we hope this time, the envelope is retired from anymore pushing.
Ian also had to have xrays taken this week. He jammed his left thumb playing tetherball at school and the NP thought he had fractured it. Thankfully, it turned out he had only sprained it severely and it should heal in a few weeks. Needless to say, we should have our medical deductible met for the year after all of this! I do feel very grateful that both of the boys' injuries occurred to their non-dominant hands. I pray these are the last of ER visits. Can someone say "How'd ya like a few new gray hairs lady?"

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