Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shopping and fun

Every year while we're in Colorado we've made it an annual tradition to go out to eat at Smokin' Moes-a quaint little BBQ joint at the downtown plaza. They always have great food there (large helpings too) and the atmosphere is fun for both the adults and kids alike. There's a train that runs around the ceiling-that the boys have affectionately named "Thomas". It is always great to see their eyes tracking it around the restaurant-sometimes they follow it as it winds it's way around the room-traversing tunnels and the like. There are places to play pool and foosball and even a jail-to lock up the little ones if they misbehave ;)!. The shopping is always fun too. We all made purchases for loved ones back home. I particularly loved the hooked pillows at one boutique. Simply beautiful and snugly. Makes me want to get back to work on the hooked santa pillow I've been working on(more off than on since yikes Ethan was in my belly! Ouch!! That's a longterm project indeed!) LOL. Another neat thing about downtown Winter Park is the ice skating rink that's open to the public near the entrance of the city parking garage. While no one from our group skated on it this year-it's still a neat little amenity (nothing like Rockefeller Center but neat nonetheless.)
Thursday evening while we were visiting the three of us (Mick Linda and I) went out to watch the Packers beat the Vikings at a local bar and restaurant called Randi's. We always have fun there. We sat by the fireplace and enjoyed the company of other Packer fans. Unfortunately, Scrooge himself decided to partake of his evening meal at the bar table just behind us. He was grumpily protesting our cheering of the game! Was really crotchety to say the least! I thought my sister Linda was going to get into it with him(like the not-so-nice smoker who was smoking into the NONsmoking section-2 years ago at the Pub-that was an interesting encounter to say the least-got a good glimpse of my sister's funny side)
Anyhoo...we behaved ouselves but were happy to see him and his wife leave so we could fully enjoy the game. Who goes to a sports pub and doesn't expect that there will be people cheering their team on?? Sorry, just don't get it. We figure the only reason they were in the bar in the first place was because they didn't want to wait in the line (that went out the door of the restaurant)that was for the restaurant customers only. Lord, please help me to never become like that man! Seriously, get a life! It wasn't like we were completely cheering at the top of our lungs or anything(ok, ok-we did do a wee bit o that at the end of the game-but he had already left!)
Other things we have enjoyed but didn't partake of this year were dogsled rides, the annual Torchlight parade, and Washboard Annie. Unfortunately for us, she no longer does her act in the the lobby of Iron Horse anymore. At least we got in a few good years of her entertainment.
We've got Mimi and PaPa here visiting now and soon the cousins and Aunt Angie and Uncle Bill will arrive as a surprise. The house will be fully loaded and activity will be busting out of the woodwork! Always a fun time with a full house.

Hoping you and yours have had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying time with those you love. Blessings and good health to all in 2007!
More later....Suz

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