Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lovin' the thin air

here in The Rockies! We watched Pirates of the Carribean (not, of course, Mick who was driving at the time and I atttempted to write out Christmas cards.We safely arrived (no transmission tragedies this year, thankfully!) in Colorado yesterday afternoon after only a few brotherly spats between the BEBZ. We didn't have the extremelyhigh winds to drive through as in years past (no major tumbleweed disturbances as in years past) but we also didn't get to catch the beautiful meteorite shower that we were able to witness across the expansive Kansas nightsky as we were treated to in 2003. We got a late start from home -leaving about 6:15 and got to our hotel at about 1:40 am. Needless to say, we all crashed upon our heads' hitting the pillows.
The boys enjoyed driving through the tunnel in the mountain-it's also a mini-highlight of the trip for them each year. We stopped at King Soopers in Denver for lift tickets-they were outrageous this year b/c they moved up the holiday season to the day we arrived. Usually we are here for some of the preseason so it's cheaper. We might have to consider taking vacation earlier next year even if it means the BEBZ will miss school. As it is, this year they will miss 3 1/2 days.
Ethan managed to come down with the flu bug Thurs. evening before we left. This was the third year out of his 5 year-young lifespan that he's become sick over the Christmas holidays. Poor little guy! Gratefully it was a 24 hour bug and he's back into his spunky form again!
Go figure.
Upon arrival and unpacking I came to the unfortunate conclusion that somehow amidst the last minute details of departing for a week long vacation for four- Mick's ski pants didn't get along for the ride. Not sure HOW that happened-all ski gear was laying in the middle of the kitchen floor last time I saw them. So now, Mick is on his way into town to buy a pair-really bites as he has a perfectly fine pair at home. It will be interesting to see where they show up when we get home.
I still can't believe the whirlwind of Fri. Talk about running around like a chicken with it's head cut off and indulging in excess amounts of Diet Pepsi. I awoke at 7 Am and ran to Wal-mart to get Christmas cards developed at one hour photo-only to realize they didn't open until 9! Aargh! Dropped off van at garage to have them get rid of the whirring noise due to our recently replaced brakes. Then...
Home to pay bills and to continue packing. Also got teachers' gifts and cards ready to go. Back to garage to pick up van and then it was off to Wal-mart again to finish last minute gift shopping and to develop Christmas cards. Next, picked up dry cleaning and then went to bank to make deposit and to take out cash for the trip. Stopped by Ethans school to let him know he had the flu an wouldn't be attending class. Back to Wal-mart ot pick up Christmas cards Home again to find the kennel had called several times and wondered if we had mixed up times as we were to bring the dogs in at 9 for boarding. Therefore, I quickly cleaned out and vacuumed the van and loaded up the dogs to take in to kennel. Realized a mile down the road I forgot their updated vaccination papers-so turned around to get them. Returned home from kennel and grabbed teachers' gifts and chocolate cake for them. Dispersed all of the gifts and cards into their mailboxes and ran for home to finish laundry and to write note and leave thank you gift for Holly and Mark regarding instructions for the house and lights and kitty care while we're gone. Oh, did I mention I also managed to cut Ethan's hair amidst all of the hoopla?
Bakc to our travel. The good news...we had no traffic jams-only one loser maniac that decided he wanted to tailgate me through downtown Denver-needless to say he got a window full of my face and as he passed me at ridiculous speed- he nearly hit the siderail!! Complete idiot. To say my loving goodwill and Christmas spirit went out the window along with my gestures would be an understatement.
Speaking of Goodwill, when we stopped at King Sooper's, the Salvation Army bell ringers were at attention at the front doors. I gave each of the boys a quarter to place in the bucket. Ian skipped right on up and dropped his in. Meanwhile, Ethan decides, NO, he didn't think HE WANTED to put his in the bucket...but would rather keep it...for himself...and put it in his pocket!! The men working the bucket thought it quite comical (and I guess it KIND OF was) but Mick and I thought otherwise as we dragged his CharminShack rumpus off to the side for a small discussion of goodwill toward others!!! What an imp!!
Mick is off to town to get more groceries and to find some ski pants. We won't ski til Tues. b/c we have to ski consecutive days. So tomorrow we may try our hand (more like our butts) at snowboarding. The boys seem game for it too. We'll see how much lessons cost.
Later Gator!

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