Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blizzard Excitement

There's excitement in the air today as the Rockies-(especially our area) are set to get 24-30 inches of snow!!! Thankfully Linda and the kids got into the lodge about 11 pm last night after sitting in traffic for several hours due to a horrendous car accident-the victims were burned beyond recognition. Thankfully, by the time we saw it on the news, Linda had already called us to say she was stuck in traffic. When we found out what had happened, we calledd her phone back and left her a message as to what had happened so that they could prepare themselves for the long wait. She told us that, fortunately, the second row of seats in Mom's van was not locked in properly and so Linda stopped the van to do a safety check and to install the seat correctly which was probably a saving grace to keep them out of that terrible accident. We are definitely grateful that they were not involved in that accident. I said prayers last night thinking of those poor souls who lost their lives and for their family members. I always think, that could've been us-that could've been my loved ones. I pray that the impact itself killed the victims instantly-no one should have to suffer. I always struggle with losses like that. Good people losing their lives in such a terrible way. No different than us-going to vacation with family or friends-thinking of nothing but hitting the slopes and drinking some hot chocolate. I guess for those of us left behind-it's meant to remind us to cherish each moment- that none of us are guaranteed anything in life.
Ok, sorry for the heavy stuff- on to more cheerful things. Yesterday the BooBear became the first member of our family to attempt snowboarding. We had rented a board for him and had planned to get him into a board lesson. We went all through the lines, the paperwork, only to find out that they start giving lessons at 6 years old! Now, WHY didn't the ski rental peeps know that and let us know before we made the trek down to the base where the lessons were? Well, we decided that since Boo already had the board, we would let him give it a go. He actually did a great job-he's a born natural! It was fun to watch all the others snowboarders checking him out-watching with some wonder and amazement as the little dude made his way down the slopes. The other BEBZ went out in the afternoon for their first attempt at snowboarding. Needless to say, they had great attitudes and made good use of their derrieres on their falls. Everyone has sore calf muscles and is feeling the overexertion today-so I guess it is working out that we will "cabin up" for the blizzard and spend the day hanging out at the pool and hot tubs and watching Christmas flicks.
It's all good. Family, food, cozy fires, presents, giggles, laughter, smiles and love.
The past two days have been absolutely beautiful -the trees were just gorgeous-with a light, two inch dusting of snow. Tomorrow snow is still predicted but in lesser amounts and will be beautiful at week's end and through midweek next week. I took some pictures with my old digital but nothing like the pics I could take with my 20D. Need to do some of that too. Don't want the moisture to get at the camera though-so I 'll wait til the weather clears up.
Other news,I reinjured my back last Fri. after I sneezed (go figure)-so Ian decides to pull a funny to make me feel better and sings out an altered jingle to the diabetic monitor "One Touch" commercial. He sang, "One sneeze changes everything!" What a little witster!
Well, the cousins are now in full form-with pillow fights and the usual raucousness that comes from nearly a year between visits. I need to go tame the troops before it gets to out of control. More later!

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