Friday, November 01, 2013

I'm Stargazing Tonight! Will You Be? | Cocoa Daisy Kits

Hi all! Hope you had a great Halloween! Ours was rainy and windy, but thankfully, the rain cleared up about 15 minutes before we made our trek around the neighborhood.

The cousins enjoyed there time together racing to each house for treats. Cousin B kept trying to hide from the homeowners and pop out ninja style for an impressive entrance! Was kinda funny how he went about it. 

At this particular house, he called out to us, "One minute!! There's A TON of stuff to choose from!" One serious LOL moment for us rents hanging back street side. 

As far a s pumpkin carving goes? Ummm yeah...that. I actually bought a pumpkin yesterday and it still sits patiently, waiting for us to work some magic on it. Perhaps in time for Thanksgiving me thinks! ;)

So, on to Stargazing? Come join in on the Fall Crop over at Cocoa Daisy Kits tonight! It is sure to be a bunch of fun!! It's a huge online crop, with lots of scrappy chatter, challenges, giveaways, tips and tricks (or creative treats!) Would love to see you there! The crop runs all weekend long, so if you already have plans tonight, there is always tomorrow and Sunday! :)
 Click here for more info: Cocoa Daisy Kits Fall 2013 Crop

Happy November to you all!


  1. awesome photos!!!

  2. I just LOVE that first photo. My fave! All of these are great. Sounds like they did some serious trick or treating.

    Can't wait to stargaze too! Should get soon!


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