Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sharing Some Thoughts | Glitz Design: Wild & Free Collection

Hi All! I am back to share with you some of the latest COGC store items; the Glitz Wild & Free Collection. I love that this line has a nice mix of pastels along with bold, graphic lines and patterns.
For this layout, I used the Wild & Free Alphabet and Word Stickers  and the Wild & Free 6x6 Paper Pad as the foundation to my layout.


Can I just say...the alphabets in the sticker sheet? I love them all and love that they are varied in size!

I pop-dotted the "Be Yourself" and the two circle sentiment stickers for added dimension.

The "wild at heart" square  (top right) is a fold up journaling card. This will house some personal thoughts about my sister Linda. A bit about what she would say to me, to her kiddos, to her friends and family left behind. Things like:

Be Brave.
Be True.
To Others.
To Yourself.
Be You.

She lived her life that way.
Daring to be different.
To be brave.

To stand out in a crowd (even at the slight embarassment of her family members and friends). ;) 
To wear what she wanted to wear. 
To say what she wanted to say or what needed to be said and what needed to be heard.
To be true to herself and true to others. IMG_6511
In this photo she was actually skiing 360s down the mountain on our last Christmas vacation together. She was always goofing and making people smile and laugh until it hurt. This picture was taking only weeks before she passed on. 

I am sharing with you this because I think that while it is fun to play with pretty paper and pretty things, it is also important to never lose sight of the reason why one scrapbooks

Sometimes it isn't about using the newest product, or trying to re-invent the wheel. 

Sometimes it is simply about leaving a recording of our lives. Or in this case, my sister's life and the impact that she had on others.

I am sharing this layout with you today because I wanted to share a little bit about how I use product to showcase, if you will, my life. My family. 

In this layout, I decided to add a bit of Stickles to the dreamcatcher in the top left corner. I did this not only because it made the dreamcatcher look as if snow had fallen on it, but also to symbolize the bling my sister often wore that she was so fond of. The more bling (jewelry-expensive or cheap, it didn't matter, only that she was wearing lots of it) the better. The sequins, of course, are also meant to symbolize her bling. The onward and upward circle sticker represents what I know she would want us/me to do in our lives.
 To move onward.
 To keep climbing up the mountain of life. (Or in this case skiing it.) 

The "be brave" sticker represents that she would want us to be happy and to be brave and adventurous and to keep on living. loving. laughing. 
These are just some of the words I think she would say. 

No, these are the words I know she would say.

Thank you for reading along this far while I shared a little bit of my heart here today. I appreciate you listening and hope you make the most of this Wednesday and that you find yourself a bit braver and bit more adventurous and a bit more true today. :)



  1. What a touching and heartfelt layout you've created. I hope it's okay to say, I'm sure you did your sister proud.

  2. Love the dreamcatcher. Also the colors are so bright, love it.

  3. Love it!!! I also love the dreamcatcher and the colors!!! :)


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