Thursday, May 09, 2013

Making the Most of Your Mist-stache (aka: Mist Stash)

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Hi there everyone! Today I have this blog post up here & over on COME ON GET CRAFTY --sharing  with you a few ways to get the most out of your "mist stache." (S very sorry about the pun in the title-I just couldn't resist!) 
I don't know about you, but I have a serious love for mists and in the recent weeks, I have been playing around with them a bit more, trying to stretch the ways that I can use them in my creations. So today I am going to share with you a few projects which show a bit of my creative endeavors using the mists.

To start off, I  have found that I really enjoy using the mists as a kind of watercolor; opening up the bottle and dipping a paint brush in.
Here is a birthday card I made for my sweet momma. I simply cut out a Silhouette die cut and used a few Mr. Hueys to paint the roses and their leaves in. Then I added glossy accents over the top to add a little bit more dimension to the die cut and card.


And a few more cards, the second showing how to achieve a mottled effect by spraying a lighter colored mist first followed up by a darker mist and leaving a small amount of unmisted area.
For this card, I misted two different colors onto the die cut hearts. I tried to leave just a little bit of white remaining for a mottled-like appearance. 

Next up, is a Project Life card that I spruced up a bit by painting an ombre (graduated hues)  effect to the heart. I simply added more water to my paintbrush to get the gradient look. I really, really  like this effect and plan to use it more in the future.

And lastly, I like using the mists over modeling paste which has had images stamped into it-to add a bit of color and texture to a card or layout. This one takes me a bit out of my comfort zone as I usually keep things pretty neat and tidy-but I definitely enjoyed getting a bit messy with this technqiue and have plans for several more creations implementing it in the near future.
Below I used modeling paste along with a Glitz Design rollerdoodle stamp + a Faber Castell gelato and Mr. Huey. I waited several hours to let the modeling paste dry before painting/spraying the mist on, but I don't think it's necessary. The hues might just be a bit darker due to saturation into the paste.

 Here is a group pic of my card set: 
There are many, many more ways to put your mists to creative use!
A few other ways I have used the mists are:
splatters-by allowing the mist to drip off of the spray bottle applicator stem 
spraying mist into the lid and allowing the mist to drop onto paper
spraying mist into the lid, flipping the lid and "stamping" the circular design of the lid onto my layout (basically just let the mist run down the sides of the lid)
spraying mist onto a die cut pattern as a mask -one of my favorite techniques
**Just to name a few. ;)
Here' s hoping I helped get your creative mojo flowing! Feel free to leave a comment here with ways you have stretched your "mist-stache" or post on Instragram/Twitter using #comeongetcrafty #misting #tips&tricks and/or upload your creations to our Inspiration Gallery here:  Come On Get Crafty Inspiration Gallery 

Happy Thursday All! 

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