Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Champs | Crimson Corps and OZARKO Marching Band Festival

Couldn't be prouder of my eldest DS and his band members, color guard, pit crew and directors this evening as they took home the Championship trophy today!! Their hardwork, dedication & perseverance paid off!


The color guard costumes are so cool-wolf like and the hairstyles fitting to tell the story. Around 5 minutes plus, the band forms a wolf howling at the moon. The props are really cool trees with the center one looking like a wolf's face; complete with eery eyes. Enjoy!

 My boy (red wolf T-shirt). *beaming momma here.
 Hold it high. Hold it proud!
Be excited! You deserve it!
Story.well.told Crimson Corps!
Job well done! Job.well.done. 

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  1. awesome! love it! it must've been so exciting to be there to see this live and to see your son and the band win the huge trophy!


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