Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cabin Renovation | And So it Began

A few weeks ago, we began remodeling our lake cabin. It all started out with it desperately needing a new roof. The contractor mentioned that if we needed a brand new roof (it already had two layers of shingles on it) that "now would be a good time to make changes inside too if you'd like to or if you were ever going to do so."  And so, we thought on it, and we decided to "do so."
Here are some pics from when it was first purchased:
 From when we had stained the deck:

From when construction first began Week 1: The slab for a garage and an extra bathroom and bedroom (1 bathroom with 8-10 people at times?? )

Pics from Week 2:
 The siding we have chosen. Love the woodgrain pattern. :)
 Old insulation
 Exposed rafters:
 Vintage hardwoods that we are trying to keep (at least in some of the cabin)
 Garage/bedroom/bathroom framing:

 Cool teener:
 Cool tweener (Amidst a cool vintage weathered and worn cabin siding backdrop -that sadly had to go-loved it for these pics though).
 The storm (mess) that has to come before the calm (new) occurs:

Week 3: Roofless!

That's our contractor, Josh, up in the cherry picker, trimming limbs! Better him than me. Will leave it at that! LOL

A bird' eye view. Isn't it a-Maze-ing? ;) Hard working Seth managed to get in the pic too!

 Trusses! Just in time! 70% chance of rain the following day! Eep!
New roof going up:
New roof going on:
Looking forward to the rest of the journey. We are so pleased with what's been done so far and how hard working and polite the crew is! Blessed indeed. :) BBL with another update!


  1. So exciting - thanks for sharing your pics Suz! I love a good reno ;) I agree, that weathered siding is all gorgeous color & texture!

  2. It's looking good. Can't wait to see it, when it's all back together. :)


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