Monday, September 17, 2012

Homecoming Firsts | Weekend Lens

So last weekend was Homecoming. The first one for my oldest son. The first Homecoming band performance. The first dance. And what does the weather do after a summer of our worst drought ever? It rains. Not just a little. But quite a bit. Not enough that the show didn't go on, but enough that the props couldn't be assembled, and enough that my son's uniform is in need some major OxyClean moments!
The kids did a fabulous job performing, and despite the rain they sounded awesome and got loud cheers from the crowd.
The football team fared pretty well too-skunking their opponents by quite a few touchdowns.
The dance? Well, we got a bit of a report from the attendee himself. He enjoyed the time with his "girl" friend (not "girlfriend") and was also apparently challenged to a dance battle, of which he won by finishing it off with a "K" kick. (I guess those dance lessons paid off after all! ;)

I only have a few pics of the day (as it was raining I was not going to take out my fancier camera) and here they are:

The drum line preparing for the Parent Preview that occurred on Thursday evening:

Since I was trying to steal a few shots, I wasn't fortunate enough to actually get a clear shot of my son.
Mick and I have been busy getting into full-fledged Band Booster Parent mode. Here he is helping assemble the props for the program. I spent the evening selling kettle corn for fundraising.
A certain someone has been obsessed with this little bit of pop culture toy history:

He has taken it with him everywhere and was on a mission to solve it. After a sudden shriek thundered through our home on Fri, rendering the parents in the domicile thinking their child had been seriously hurt, we found that he had indeed solved it. And within 24 hours he had solved it -fourteen times. Because once wasn't enough! ;)
 This pic is of my oldest. Still taking after me in stature, but this iPHoto shot really renders him looking much shorter than he really is! He was a bit excited but totally pulled out the keeping it on the down low cool look.
I actually pulled out a sweater and my fav leather boots for the big festivities. Sporting the red in support of my son's high school.

 The corsage for my son's date. Only a corsage as he wigged out when he found out that I had ordered a boutonniere for him as well. (Sheesh! Just trying to help him impress his date-but what's a momma to do? Answer: Cancel the boutonniere order).

 Work has begun on our remodel/addition/re-roofing project at our cabin. Excited to embark on this little adventure of ours. The 4 of us spent most of Sunday moving the contents of the cabin into storage while the remodel takes place.
We were so excited that "We have a slab!" Coming from people who have never built a house, it's kinda a big deal.

 And since it rained most of the weekend, I had a bit of a chance to get a little scrapping in. I worked on Project Life and created this layout:
 I still can't get enough out of my Silhouette Cameo. Such a wonderful invention and tool for crafters. Love love LOVE!!

Stitching, misting, die-cutting, vibrant colors and pretty patterned papers all = a fun afternoon of scrap play.

Be back later with a few more crafty creations! Happy Monday all!


  1. LOVE that fall layout!!

  2. really great photos.....luv the scrapbook page too...hope your weekend is awesome!

    enjoy *~*


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