Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Tea'd Off...

...and seriously disappointed and saddened by those individuals that fell for Obama's charasmatic rhetoric and socialistic ideologies and actually voted for him. Mark my for Obama was the BIGGEST mistake Americans have ever made.  I am deeply saddened that my boys and my boy's kids AND their kids will be paying the price for Mr. Obama's actions. At least I knowI can go to sleep at night knowing  that I DID NOT vote for a liberal socialist. I voted for freedom. Liberty. Individuality. Prosperity. Hand ups (not hand outs). Little government. Free enterprise. Capitalism. 

I'm glad that people who are tea'd off can utilize his/her freedom of speech (while we still have it!). The liberal media seems to have no problem voicing theirs while trying to stifle those who think sensibly. Patriotically. Democratically. Shame on the CNN reporter who so rudely interrupted the man she was interviewing and interjected her own personal liberal bias into the mix. She should be fired. Completely unprofessional. Period.

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  1. Dear Susan,
    This is our third attempt at leaving a comment, but they kept disappearing. Hope this time it works. First of all, you know that we both love you and your family very much.
    Guess that is why we found your blog message so very offensive. We realize that your blog is your place to sound off, but you also put the words out there for us to read, and what we are reading we find hurtful and actually insulting.
    We do not believe that we and other family members are ignorant or ill-informed or gullible. We have kept our political leanings to ourselves for many years, not sharing them with friends or relatives because we respect them and do not want to harm our relationship in any way.
    We are both independent voters. That means that we carefully consider each and every issue and each and every candidate.
    This time we voted for Obama. We did so after a lot of thought and contemplation. We were not swayed to vote for him because we "fell for his rhetoric and ideologies" (your words). So I guess you are going to be "seriously disappointed and saddened" by us (again, your words). And guess what - we were also voting for freedom, liberty, individuality, prosperity, etc. We also have no trouble sleeping at night.
    It really saddens us because we care so much about you, and it feels like you are driving us away because we don't think like you in all ways. In fact, we feel like we are completely losing you.
    Neither of us could stand George Bush, but we NEVER brought it up with friends or family. That again was out of love and respect.
    If you still want us to be around you, politics and other controversial issues should probably be removed from the table. It never works out to go there. With anyone.
    We would like to think that when you reach our age, and your boys have flown the coop, that you will remember your long-dead Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gary and realize that maybe we had one thing right -that loved ones and dear friends are FAR more important than any political hot topic. If you never realize that, it will be the BIGGEST mistake YOU will ever make in your life.
    Love you dearly,
    Gary and Ruth


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