Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dollar Store Run with Angie Fun

My SIL has started a bit of a tradition when we visit-taking the BEBZ and my nephews for a trip to the local dollar store for a few boyish "finds." It is always so interesting to see what they return with and the creative play that oftentimes results from their choices.

Last night was spent playing games of Zooreka, Spades, making homemade parachutes for their Star Wars action figures (and launching them over the upstairs balcony) as well as dancing up a storm on the oriental rug in the living room. Got a bit of that videotaped for future bribery usage! Ha!

This afternoon we'll head over to Mimi and Papa's for a big family gathering. Looking forward to Easter ham, lemon pound cake, cheesecake and of course, the arrival of the Easter bunny and egg hunt!

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