Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Much ado...

much busyness...frenetic pace for all of us as the end of the school year passed and we quickly transitioned into not-so-lazy-days-of-summertime schedule. Ethan graduated Kindergarten and Ian rolled over into the double digits last week with his first slumber party. I kept the number of guests to three and that turned out to work quite well. Pinata, smores at the fire pit, ice cream cake, Guitar Hero and much Wii play. I actually think we may have a go again at it next year as the boys did very well with volume control and behavior. Good kids. (That always helps). My DF "Liz from Tampa" as the boys affectionately refer to her as, flew in for the weekend. It was her first time to our part of the country since our wedding in '05. It was so great to have her see how we live...critters and all! We took her down to Big Gma's cabin, complete with ticks and tarantulas (yes we found one near our deck while she was there) and flood level lakes. She was a good sport and thankfully, despite the critters, she may return one day! LOL It was so, SO good to reconnect with her. Telephone calls and letters just don't cut it compared to across the kitchen table conversations.

I FINALLY got the lens for my camera that I have been lusting over for more than a year! Have only gotten to play with it a bit, but hope to play more soon. Big Gma is visiting now and oh...Mimi and Papa were here to visit for Memorial Day weekend. So now you know why I have posted in a while. Lots of visiting. All good.

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