Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm crossing my fingers

so...Big Gma visited recently and was kind enough to watch the boys so Mick and I could go play some tennis. Everything went well...or so we thought...until I was tousling Boo's golden blonde locks at church Sunday morning and came to the frightening, stomach sickening realization that someone had chopped a large chunk of bottle-it-up-for-me blonde locks out of his surfer dude cut!! In a startling rendition of Ellen DeGeneres' "Wh-aATTTT" I quickly said, "Oh, no you did' uhnt!!!? Let's suffice to say the ride home from church was less than pleasant as Mick and I interrogated the boys to find out...


I was right in my thinking that the litle Boomeister helped himself to gum and got it tangled in his hair (even though I had caught him in the past playing with gum and told him never to do that b/c it could get stuck in his hair-ummm...yeah....). He eventually confessed he had cut it himself with the big orange scissors. We were upset that neither of them bothered to tell Big Gma or us so that we could try to remove it with peanut butter or ice. So...they have lost all non educational computer privileges and TV for three weeks. Grrr...I know..I know... in the grand scheme of will grow back-hopefully blonde...

I'm crossing my fingers.

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