Monday, March 03, 2008

The snow is a comin'

It started with rain early this am and has turned to sleet and now dry, hard pellets of snow. The boys of course are hopeful for some good, moisture-rich-easy-to-pack-into-an-awesome-rockin'-snowman snow! My plans to play tennis are off for this evening and I'm hopeful that we won't have CUB Scouts tonight-so I have to drive out in it. May not get back up the road to house as the county never plows it!

If we do indeed get the 6-12 inches that we're scheduled to get-I'll be posting pictures. Getting ready to hibernate as I just watched a bluebird on the deck, I'm reminded that the birds are probably completely confused as to what season it is. (It was in the mid seventies here yesterday!)

PIC #1 above: Oh, Mick and Bill got a pic or two of the big blue heron that lives along the creek. They took the pic through the telescope with the camera set against the telescope's eyepiece. Kinda cool!
PIC#2 Boo jammin' in his jammies at friend's sleepover
And the last pic above..well...that would be The his classic form...waiting...hoping..barking...begging...doing whatever it takes to get someone's attention so that the said Beast can be fed and can participate in his daily dose of gluttony.

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