Monday, March 03, 2008

Hangin' with the cousins

This weekend the cousins came into and town for a wiittle wiifest and Guitar Hero. I think that after all is said and done-all of them may need a little Wiihab (insert Carson Daly's parody here).

Boo got his first real bike of his own. He was really stoked about that. NTS: need to get a pic of him on his new ride with his new safety helmet. MY SIL met up with her sister at the mall and actually did a little shopping. (I think I've been to the mall 4-5 times since we've lived here-nearly four years already). I got some new tennis court shoes, some jeans and shirts and some bday gifts for upcoming special people :)

At the end of the weekend we rented some of the Indiana Jones series from local video store. We got quite a kick out of one of them when we found it had subtitles in Chinese (Or was it Korean?)

The boys got haircuts to boot. (Yes, I do cut their hair myself-saves bundles of money+time...and who doesn't like that?) Which reminds me that i AM LONNNNGG overdue for a cut+color. Last trip to Ms. Jenny--August of 2007! (Yes, that's right. August!) Maybe I should just hold off a little longer and donate to "Locks of Love". Only problem is that as I get older-my hair grow soooo slowly now.

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