Saturday, February 09, 2008

You tube funny...had to share

this with y'all.
I know every female out there can relate to this one
Little irony here as I'm the one down with a flu/cold bug! Grrr....

Busy with book fair at E's school and Valentine making. Tax prep. Spring cleaning.
Looking forward to next weekend-an extended weekend for us. Ian and I will play in tennis tourney. Really looking forward to that.

Mick went out with some buddies from college to watch a BBall game tonight. Good for him to get out with the guys once in awhile.

Need to get back to my POTD posts. Haven't found the time to post-process lately.

Ethan was telling me about the ladybug he made at school on Fri. He said he sponge painted on the dots and each wing had 9 dots on it. I said, "So how many dots total did the ladybug have?" To which he replied, "18." And then I asked, "Wow. How did you figure that out so fast?" to which he replied," Well... 9...12...15...18!"
"You counted by threes?" Iasked. "Yep!" was his reply. That boy!

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