Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blue/Gold Webelo Deux

Today was Ian's Blue/Gold Ceremony Banquet where he earned several pins and padges, but most notably, Ian crossed over to the title of Webelo 2. For those of you familiar with Cub Scouts-you know what I'm talking about (Actually, you most likely know more than what I am talking about b/c I have to admit I fall short when it comes to keeping up with his Cub Scouts stuff). I guess I just feel, as a mother to two boys, that the perk of listening to loud noises and much activity coupled with the sounds and smells of boys (I know you all now what I'm referring to here-so I won't elaborate!) in the home is that I don't have to listen to it in exponential numbers by attending Pack meetings. It's just a little too overstimulating for me, capeche? So, I leave most of the Cub Scouting to "The Daddy-Mac Mick" to do and to enjoy some close male bonding with his sons.

That said, I did attend the aforemention ceremony-because someone needs to take pictures and document the big event, right?

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