Thursday, August 31, 2006

oh so tired

-where did the day go? Man! Post office and dry cleaners...library for three hours and working at home on book fair details-finally managed to get to Wally World for groceries and much needed dog food, snacks, lightbulbs and other miscellaneous sundries. (Did I mention we didn't eat dinner until 9:30 how bad is that? (The boys did have a nutritious and obviously fulfilling snack after school!) Working on computer again typing up reminders and letters for the book fair --contact lists and other stuff. Trying to catch up on housecleaning and gear up for the long weekend. Tomorrow tennis lessons and packing for long weekend at the lake. But before all that-my buddy Kelly is coming over to scrap a little-guess I better go run and straighten up my scrappin space. Gonna be a late night-I can feel it already! I think I need to start my IV Diet Pepsi drip now. LOL I'll leave ya with a recent pic of The Benjamin and his Momma(Holly).

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


busy! So much to do with back to school-Cub Scouts and tennis and coordinating schedules...filling out oodles of redundant yet necessary medical and personal information for the BEBZ schools. Packing lunches, ironing shirts for picture day...feeding the dogs...calling teachers to meet with them regarding a challenging curriculum for Ian...calling volunteers to help out with the Scholastic book fair coming up in two or so weeks(I'm co-chairing)...putting my time in at the library shelving and covering and checking in and out books...watching Ben...doing tangram like puzzles and baking with toilets and dusting and mopping floors...doing dishes and laundry and faxing and mailing and oh so much more...exasperation and exhaustion set in and then...

then...I reflect back on a little sliver of time in my day-when Ethan was riding in the car today on the way to pre-K and he said (quite out of the blue),

"Mommy, did you bake cookies when I was in your belly?"
(Where does the boy come up with this stuff?)
" Well, yes Ethan. I did. Why do you ask?"
"I was just wondering...cuz Little Bear's momma baked cookies when he was in her belly!"
...Out of the mouths of babes...
my little blond beauregard!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Post-first day-of-school-last-day with the momma depression finally sunk into the noggin today that my Lil' Boy Boo was off to his first day of formal schooling-PRE-KINDERGARTEN! just makes my heart sink coming to the realization that this was the beginning of the end. The end of hanging out with Momma all day and playing...and giggling...and errand-running...and stealing sugar smacks...and snuggling...well...

now that I think of it...I can still do all those things with just won't be in such the large quantities of time that I have in the past. Oh....and I was excited for him when I dropped him off at his new school and I saw his little face beaming with excitement-but then today when I picked him up from school and asked him if he "missed Momma today?" to which he impishly shook his head "no" (awww-cuts like a knife!) I then said it was "because you were so busy (gulp)having fun, right?" to which he smirked and nodded "yes!"
Ok.ok. gotta love the little dude-wanted to make the Momma feel a little better!'s a few pics from his and Ian's first day of school.

Recent R&R pics I said I'd post

ok...there's gotta be a faster way to upload these! I've had to u/l them one by one. arrrrrrgh...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

R&R w/o the BEBZ

Well, Mick and I have been spending a little R&R w/o the BEBZ this week. I has been really great to have a little adult conversation with my soulmate without the interruptions of the BEBZ. It has been really hot where we're at but we've been enjoying tooling around on the waverunner and splashing in the pool. We've watched a fair share of US Open Tennis (correction-I have) and several of good flicks on TBS. Last night after a dinner show with Mimi and Papa and the BEBZ (they were just here for a few hours) we went to the resort's Parrothead Party. It was pretty fun-outdoors-with lots of dancing, a bbq and several artisans with stuff for sale. One vendor was selling Guatemalan jewelry to raise money for some families that had been hit by the mudslides (last year already?). The band is said to be one of the opening acts for THE JIMMY BUFFET himself. More fun with a second night of parroting tonight. Oh, Ian made friends with a guy who had a parrot named Paco on his shoudler. Ian liked petting his tailfeathers. Ethan, on the verge of a meltdown-opted not to pet Paco but he did want a dance with his Momma. (Yeah me!). We met a fun and (wildly)interesting couple who sat down at our table while we were listening to the band. They were Brady Bunch Newlyweds of a year and she had just completed her 200th sky dive jump. And if completing 200 jumps wasn't enough of a celebration she told us she completed it in her birthday suit! read it right-no typo here! I'll try to post pics of all of the events when we return home. (Of course-no pics of the nudist skyjumper!!:)LOL

Can't believe school has already started. We drove back home Wed. to be able to take the BEBZ to their first day of school. Ethan was too cute. Really excited to finally be going to Pre-K. He likes his teacher Mrs. T. Ian got homework for his first day-about bringing things in of his likes/dislikes.

Yesterday Mick and I went on a trail ride. My horse was named Trooper and he was.. well... quite the character. I was smooth talkin' him the whole way and could tell he was listening and soakin' in all of the love throughout the ride. Trooper and I were the last in a line of about eight. The trail was 90% shaded which proved slightly refreshing as it was about 104 degrees out. Mick's horse was named Sully.
There was a beautiful sheperd/lab mix there named Bleu. She reminded us of Lily. Same eyes and nose and black spots on her tongue too. Apparently labs can have black on their tongues-so maybe Lily doesn't have chow in her after all. (For those of you who don't know-Lily was the puppy I found last year at the edge of our property.)

ok...Mick wants me to get ready for round 2 of the Parrothead Partying so TTFN! :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Superheroes Beware...

...the next generation of do-gooders are here-ready to take on all things evil and wicked! :)
Just a few pics of the BEBZ at home and in their element.