Monday, August 21, 2006

Post-first day-of-school-last-day with the momma depression finally sunk into the noggin today that my Lil' Boy Boo was off to his first day of formal schooling-PRE-KINDERGARTEN! just makes my heart sink coming to the realization that this was the beginning of the end. The end of hanging out with Momma all day and playing...and giggling...and errand-running...and stealing sugar smacks...and snuggling...well...

now that I think of it...I can still do all those things with just won't be in such the large quantities of time that I have in the past. Oh....and I was excited for him when I dropped him off at his new school and I saw his little face beaming with excitement-but then today when I picked him up from school and asked him if he "missed Momma today?" to which he impishly shook his head "no" (awww-cuts like a knife!) I then said it was "because you were so busy (gulp)having fun, right?" to which he smirked and nodded "yes!"
Ok.ok. gotta love the little dude-wanted to make the Momma feel a little better!'s a few pics from his and Ian's first day of school.

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