Friday, January 18, 2013

CHA-W 2013

Hi All1 I had hoped to get a blog post up whie I was away at CHA-W 2013 Anaheim, but alas it did not happen. Hopefully you followed along with me anyway on Instagram.

CHA, Craft and Hobby Association, for those who are unaware, is the largest craft and hobby convention going. (At least I believe it to be true). The winter show has been said to be decidedly larger than the summer, which has most often been held in Chicago. Having now been to both locales, I would concur. It is an absolute overload of crazy creative people and products all crammed into one huge convention center that lasts for several days. And it is this life artist's idea of heaven on earth. One cannot help but leave there seriously inspired and seriously overstimulated by all of the creativity housed there.

Anyways, there is so much crammed into the days one is there, that I really can't give it the proper accolades, but I will try to share a few (or many) pics I took along the way.

From my airport shuttle window:
 My lovely roomies for the week; Sweet Shay and Sweet Sierra:
 The huge convention center:
 First off, never in my life have I met soooo many crazy talented people, with crazy sweet, kind and lovely personalities! I felt it such and honor and a privilege to have met each and every one of them.

Meeting up with Ali Edwards and Katie? A dream come true. They are the epitome of authentic. True blue lovely human beings. Loved our chats. So seriously inspired in their presence.
 (My other new to "real life" scrappy friends from the @Studio Calico community; Malika and Sweet Sierra. So crazy fun getting to know you in real life. So excited about the future of Social {Media} Butterflies with you on board Mal!

And this was my scrappy partner in convention crime (JK) for the day; seriously talented and uber sweet; Allison Waken. You know when you meet someone in real life and they are just what you imagined they'd be? Yep. That's Allison. Serious Soul Sisters here; (and obviously I am the oldest sister! LOL) Non stop laughter and giggles. Especially the pocketbooth outtakes. Seriously could not stop laughing. Great times.

 Moving on to the Studio Calico Crew (well -quite a few of them anyways) along with Freckled Fawn's lovely and hysterically funny "Doe", Shanna Noel (another of my Soul Sisters) self, April Foster (sweet as southern syrup, beautiful, and the genius that is Studio Calico), Sweet Sierra, crazy fun and lovely Lisa Mack, the one and only Miss Amy Tangerine, Sweet Shay and the gorgeous and uber talented Maggie Holmes.

{You are starting to understand the inspo overload now-yes? And I am just getting started!}

 Stephanie Howell. What can I say? She was so darling and witty and funny. A true gem. Loved that she was there and that I got an opportunity to say hellp and chat for a bit.

 And my stunning Sista from another mother; Miss Ashley. You know when you feel loved? When someone you haven't seen for two years sneaks up behind you at a trade show, gives you a huge hugs and proclaims how much she loves you. Yeah. I was blushing. But admittedly, it feels so good to feel loved. Love you Ash! Miss you already!
 And miss Emily Pitts. We were seriouslyy both so happy to catch up with one another after one huge CO snowstorm and one crazy Christmas season cut our plans to meet up in Denver shot. "No worries, though, we said, there's always CHA." Indeed! I could not love this girl more. She. is. awesome!

Every time I walked past this icon in the industry's booth she was busy. Understandably so with the huge launch of several sets of Project Life kits and the partnership with American Crafts and Studio Calico. 

Becky Higgins? Genius meets genuine. Couldn't make for a more perfect combo. When I finally got the nerve to say hello, it was towards the end of the show and it was just Becky and two others in the booth. She wasn't rushed and we got a chance to talk about her brother whom she lost to cancer only a few months ago and my sister whom I lost to pneumonia secondary to chemotherapy treatment wiping out her immune system. 
Heartfelt words and moments of human bonding. 
Truly special. 
Another human being I highly respect and look up to. 
All the best to you Becky. All the best! 
Continued prayers for David's brother. 

So that was just a few of the mannnnnyyy lovely old and new friends I met. I will be back with another post soon of the rest of the CHA gang and some product pics!

For now, I must finish the unpacking, the laundry, the bill paying. Back to reality. Back to life as I know it. Have a lovely day!
xoxo Suz


  1. It looks like you had such a great time!

  2. It was so fun being there "with you" through instagram! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Suz - loved reading your post and seeing your pics!


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