Friday, June 15, 2012

I Think You Are AMAZING...

...just the way you are. This is my nephew, Casey. He is smart, and witty, and all kinds of crazy talented with artwork and an expert on all things motorized which make loud noises. He's musical and funny, and lovable and adorably cute. I love him with all of my heart. He IS amazing.

So, is his Big Sis.
She graduated last weekend.
We all drove up to be there.
To support her.
To cheer for her and to show her and tell her how very proud we are of her.

We cheered as loud as we possible could for her and knew if her momma were still with us here on earth, she would most definitely be the very loudest one cheering. Without a doubt. We knew no amount of cheering would make up for, or replace the fact that Momma Linda wasn't "there." But, we knew that Shelby knew SHE WAS and is LOVED. By so many. That her family loved her and appreciated her and was amazed by her.
 I mean look at her? She's stunningly beautiful! Confident. She's thoughtful and considerate and selfless. During the ceremony she looked back several times towards our family. Her family. She was not a teenager wanting to be sure we got the perfect pic of her. She was checking in on us. Making sure we were ok. Showing us her strength. Her resilience. Her grace.  Her selflessness. And here, what does she do instead of a thumbs up, "Look at me!! Look what I did!!" she blows a kiss of love back in thank you. Not just her nuclear family, not just her school family, not just her church family, but her community who have mourned along with her and have supported her (and her brother) through her/their darkest days.
She is a truly remarkable young woman. She is truly amazing. My heart overflows with pride and joy in knowing that great things are going to come from her and her brother!

These two amazing kids. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and in our world.



  1. WOW this layout is just stunning i LOVE it :)

  2. Congrats to your niece, Suz! Your page with your nephew is awesome!!!

  3. I think this layout is amazing. Going directly to my pinterest lifts. . .

  4. Lovely post. Congratulations to your niece.

  5. Hello my friend. What a beautiful bittersweet moment that must have been for you. You have every right to be so proud of you niece and nephew. They are amazing! And what a gorgeous LO of celebration. I hope you are well and enjoying your Summer...x

  6. Oo this is gorgeous I already saw it over at Studio Calico, and a fantastic story with it...gorgeous :D


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