Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Crafty Reveal I just finished a quicky little project for a certain special someone in my life, who just happens to love Halloween. (Those of you who think you know who this person is, please don't tell him or her it is to be a surprise!) I plan to drop it off at the unnamed person's place of work, and make him/her wonder who it is from!!! I love surprising people! As long as it's good surprises, right?

Well, if you recall my post from a few days ago, you saw that I mentioned making a quick and easy craft with some of these little numbers...
This is the packaging they came in. It was so adorable, I knew it had to be repurposed!

So, I filled a pretty/scary brocade/skeleton treat bag from Michael's with candy corn and peanuts. (Note: I did cut about 3 inches off of the top of the bag to insure it would fit in the box and that the lid would close snugly.Then I tied it up with a pretty little ribbon (from Michael's as well).

I adhered down with glue dots (some 3-D glue dots) some of the pretty embellies that were originally housed in the box. The only item on the lid that is not from K and Company's adorable Halloween embellishment kit is the little owl (from Maya Road).
The embellishments are two sided, one side is blinged up a bit with glitter. That's the side that I used. :-)
Note: After the picture below was taken, I decided to add a "googly eye" to the left eye of the Jack-O-Lantern. (Just for the fun of it!)
The container houses, I would estimate, about 2 ounces of Halloween mix.

I can't wait to hear the stories that get started about "Who gave you that?" The person who receives it will probably get ribbed for having a "Secret Admirer!"

Happy crafting and Happy Halloween season everybody. As you can see,  this project was super do-able, super simple and super fast to make. The hardest part?  Refraining from sampling the goodies!

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