Thursday, July 08, 2010

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem!

 Nate's birthday pool party. Nate is Ethan's (and Ian's friend). Nate's mom is my DF, Jules, and Nate's dad is Gil (my mixed doubles partner at times).

So, what do you get when you put 8 or so 8-12 year old boys together in a pool?

 Lots of water gun fights. Duels. 

Outright tyranny. Or is it mutiny?  Constant battles to conquer and capture reign over the water mattress. (Not sure who won that battle!) LOL

Moms capturing the moments.

A dude chillaxin.
A dude with a 'tude. Pre-teen agnst perhaps?

Delight in the moment.
 The only reason they held hands was because we told them the next direction was to leap into the pool as high as they could!Birthday party crasher. Of the 4-legged variety.Birthday boy smiles.Tangles of tanned (and not so tanned) legs and feet.Old friends. New friends. Pizza. Birthday cake and ice cream. Laughter. Fellowship. Fun. Summer at it's best.

BTW: Three out of four surveys say little boys that are anxiously waiting for the rules of a game to be spoken and the said game to commence, are oftentimes at a loss at what to do with their hands. (Or...then again...maybe not!)

Here's to summer and to the celebration of life.

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  1. these boys are some cool dudes, with tudes.


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