Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The draft of my post for Election Day 09

Below, are my thoughts as they came to mind on Election Day 2009. If you don't agree with what I have written, I'm sorry. Sorry you feel that way and sorry that you don't understand the horrible legacy that "We the people" are leaving our children and our children's children...and so on...

Well, I've done my part and completed the voting process for this year's presidential election. I hope those of you who care about the future of our country, who care about what the future holds for your children and your children's children, who care about the fact that so many have fought and died for our freedom, for our ability to live in a democracy where you are an INDIVIDUAL-where you have an ability to vote your mind and to continue to pursue the American dream-where once you achieve that dream you don't have to "share the wealth" of your hard earned efforts with those who choose to sit back and do nothing---get out and vote. Do your part.  Go out and vote. You owe it to those who have died for that freedom-your freedom. And you owe it to the legacy of loved ones you will leave behind when you leave this earth.

NO TO SOCIALISM!!! THIS IS AMERICA. LAND OF THE FREE! (or so I hope and pray it still is!) YES TO DEMOCRACY!!!

04/15/09 FYI: If you don't like my opinions, don't read my blog. It's my personal place to exercise my freedom of speech. I feel I need to state my mind since the liberal media is so blatantly biased in one direction using their visibility and exposure to the masses to sway voters the way that they want them to sway. It's interesting that it's ok for them to say what they want and report (filter) what they want the masses to hear, but suppress or don't allow others with a different viewpoint to express theirs. Last time I checked this was United States of America NOT the United Socialist States of America. Wake up people! It sickens me to see how many of you are blind to the truth. OBAMA is A LIBERAL SOCIALIST. The only place for him is among his comrades-Castro, the North Korean dictator and others. History has proven that socialism doesn't lead to prosperity and freedom of its people. Democracy does. That's why we live in the best country in the world. (Or at least we did until Obama was elected).

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