Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School

First day of first grade for Ethan came and went. Such a frenetic rush of activity + busyness. School supplies, orientations., the packing of lunches + backpacks. Back to schedules. Back to routines. Back to the business of teaching and coaching and sleepless nights. It's not all bad though. I do like some routine and regularity to my life, mixed in with a bit of chaos and spontaneity. LOL.

This week has been the viewing of the Olympics. So exciting to watch Shawn Johnson take the gold in balance beam. So cool that she and Nastia will be traveling home with so many medals. So awesome that they are great friends as well as competitors.

I always love watching the presentation of the medals ceremony with the raising of the American flag. I love watching the emotion swell in the faces of each Olympian. The pride. The joy. The realization of years of hardwork, training and sacrifice coming to fruition. What an amazing ride that must be. full circle a moment was it for Shawn and her coach who was born in Beijing and set up a gym in West Des Moines, IA only to have Shawn Johnson walk through the doors of his gym 10 years ago, now to take his star Olympian back to Beijing to win not only three silver medals but one gold. He came to America to fulfill his dreams, and Shawn, to fulfill Beijing. Now that's cool.

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