Tuesday, April 15, 2008

on parenting...

after walking the boys to school today, I found myself on the way home, reflecting on how quickly they are growing up and how I need to cherish each and every moment with them and not to take any time with them for granted. And now, checking emails and blogs I frequent I came across this little gem of insightfulness:

"The perspective needed to guide and shape my parenting is this-When I begin to see the day to day as a delight, rather than drudgery...When serving my children is seen as a privilege, rather than a chore...Knowing that my actions are slowly and through repetition shaping them for the rest of their lives...Then it [parenting] becomes a task of enormous and lasting consequence.It becomes a 'higher calling' and the reality sinks in that giving it my all, demanding my best and expressing love in ALL that I do, is the least I can offer to those who mean the most to me."May you find joy and purpose and affirmation in the relationships that YOU touch today...they matter so much!

Have a beautifully blessed day!


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