Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Boo's First Day of Kindergarten...

...and I was a boo-hooing all the way to school! Ok, in reality it hit me as Mick and I were walking him down the hallway to his classroom-the very last one at the end of the hall. I started to get choked up as I watched him walking in front of me, practically skipping along the way, taking in the sights...the kids... the parents...the teachers...the typical stimulating primary colors lining the way. that's when it hit me...the big knot you get in your throat that makes it so difficult to swallow...and then, the welling up of tears. I pushed them back as best I could, and when it seemed that they were going to overflow, I snapped into photographer mode and tried to focus --well, on the focus. So ok, I realized once I got into his room that in my emotional distress and turmoil, I had actually forgotten to change my camera settings for indoors. So, needless to say, the hallway photos didn't turn out. But I got a few in the classroom...and, of course, the walk to school and the all important annual front step photos complete with the cheesy smile and the exhibition of brotherly love (LOL). I will post them once I get them proofed and converted from the raw files. Bear with me-that may take awhile. sigh....

Memories from today:
Ms. Ross
New BFF "Kiley"
Learning to sign yes, no and the all important "bathroom" :)
The Kissing Hand story
"PU" Sharpie penned into Boo's hand (PU stands for Parent Pick-up)

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