Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Liam + Vacation =

Happy...this according to the Boo Bear. We are fully enjoying our vay-kay to The Land of Sunshine and have enjoyed the surf and the turf. Lots of family fun playing whiffle ball, redneck golf (we got lots of ?'s about it-we're thinking of making several sets to sell next year-to pay for our trip! LOL), pool play, games of spades and cribbage and a whole lot more. Last evening we ate out at a local establishment called Flounders-great place for kids and fun-nostalgic ambience with local signs and garage doors for the walls to let the weather in or out. It had an arcade and a large playground area and the food was pretty good with great service. The only downer was that I was looking forward to some crab legs and...alas..they weren't on the settled for the shrimp boat platter (Which I, of course, ended up sharing with the troops).The boys each got a boogie board for $6.99 and were chomping at the bit today to get out in the surf and play. The big boys got up early to fish at the pier-not much luck-only a small catfish. But some guy swam out to damaged pier(from hurricane) and caught himself a 27 inch redfish. Ni---ice!

The boys are down at the pool for one last swim before chill time.
I've been spending some of my days reading my camera manual and learning how to take photos in manual mode. I have so much to learn in regards to hoping to get my hands on a copy of Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure soon! I'ts gotten rave reviews!

Tonight would've been perfect night to take beach pics-but after getting an Err99 reading on my camera after taking out of a/c to humidity and not working for about a half hour yesterday-I decided against it. Darn it...when will there be a camera for all climates-no lens fogging-no sand -in the chambers. Get to work on it would someone? LOL

So, I'm afraid I don't have any beach pics-only indoor shots. I'm going to try and upload some here soon. Til then ....Suzer...OUT!

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